Is there a proper protocol you should follow when flying and displaying the American flag?




U.S. Code 4- Chapter 1

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Commander Tracy Burkholder


You know around 4th of July we see a lot of American flags displayed on front lawns, cars, and restaurants, but is there really a proper way we should be displaying our nation's flag?

So our researchers found the rules about flag etiquette under US Code 4.

U.S. Code
Legal Information Institute

Here are some basic rules:

  • An American Flag is never to touch the ground. 
  • The flag should always be raised to the very top of the staff.
  • The flag should only be lowered to half-staff on certain National flag holiday's like Memorial Day, or when ordered by the President.
  • You should never display the flag on a float in a parade unless it's on a staff.
  • The flag should not be displayed during bad weather unless it's an all-weather flag.
  • If you leave a flag up all night but it must be lit. 

Also, your flag is a bit worn, a Veterans of Foreign Wars post commander told us Verify researchers: “Don't be surprised if a veteran brings a flag to you to replace the one you have up there if it's tattered and torn,” said VFW Post Commander Tracy Burkholder.

So we verified, yes, there is proper etiquette for displaying the American flag.

Click here, for the full list of proper flag etiquette rules. 

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