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VERIFY: Are Pepco trucks really monitored and tracked by GPS?

The Verify team was curious to find out if a sticker that says "Drive Safely. Vehicle speed is monitored by GPS" on a Pepco vehicle was actually legit.


Are Pepco trucks monitored by GPS?


Yes, Pepco officials confirm this is true. 


Pepco Spokesperson: Christina Harper, Communications Manager


The Verify team works nightly separating fact from fiction on questionable things you see. 

A WUSA9 producer spotted this sticker on the back of a Pepco truck.

It reads: "Drive Safely. Vehicle speed is monitored by GPS". 

Credit: WUSA9

So, we’re Verifying whether or not Pepco trucks really being monitored by GPS and if so, what's been done with the information?

Verify researchers didn't beat around the bush and went straight to Potomac Electric Power Company for the answer.

Pepco says in 2011 it started using GPS tracking systems on its vehicles as part of a larger effort to ensure crew safety.

The fleet management software owned by Verizon Connect tracks things like speed, hard acceleration, hard breaking, crew location, mechanical warnings, diagnostics and maintenance.

Companies like Pepco use fleet management software so they can access the vehicle's data, view job progress, and improve dispatch and routing.

So, we can Verify this Pepco sticker is legit, its vehicles are monitored via GPS and to help them operate more effectively. 

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