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VERIFY: No, Joe Biden did not fall asleep during an interview

People have manipulated a Harry Belafonte interview to make it look like presidential candidate Joe Biden fell asleep on live television.

WASHINGTON — The 2020 presidential campaign is coming down the final stretch. There are all sorts of videos circulating online about the candidates. That’s why the Verify team exists, to explain what’s real and what’s fake.

A video of presidential candidate Joe Biden on live TV is circulating across social media. The video was posted on Twitter by one of President Trump’s staff members. People have said the video shows presidential candidate Joe Biden apparently sleeping during a live television interview.


Is the video legit?


No, the video some claim shows Joe Biden asleep during a television interview is not legit. It is a manipulated video.

Here's a screenshot of the video:

Credit: WUSA

Our Sources:

Twitter, CSPAN, and KBAK the CBS affiliate in Bakersfield, California.

When we dug into the video, we found the doctored video came from two separate videos.

Through a reverse image search, our team found the first video came from a 2011 KBAK interview with singer Harry Belafonte.

Credit: KBAK

When the anchors attempt to interview Belafonte he appears to be asleep. The anchor tries for several seconds to get his attention, then the news crew moves on.

The same search also turned up where the video of Joe Biden appeared. That video came from CSPAN’s broadcast of Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of Biden back in April.

Credit: CSPAN

According to Twitter, within hours of the original post, it was removed and cited as a manipulated video by the social media company. However, it continues to circulate across Twitter.

After the original post was labeled and removed, our research team could still find other versions of the video online.

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