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VERIFY: Can you get a new vaccine card in DC, Maryland and Virginia?

Some businesses have decided to require proof of vaccination for customers and employees. So what happens if you lost your card?

WASHINGTON — While the highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant spreads and vaccination rates slowly increase in the U.S., some companies are beginning to require proof of vaccination for customers and employees. 

Almost all Americans who have received at least one dose were handed a CDC COVID-19 vaccination card with all their information filled out. But, what if you're one of the rare few who never got one? Or you've since lost track of it? Let's Verify.


If I got vaccinated in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia, how can I get a new vaccine card?


Departments of Health in D.C., Maryland and Virginia 


D.C., Maryland and Virginia all make it easy to find and print out your COVID-19 vaccination records. But, while they'll be official and accurate, the record you get will be a full sheet of paper, not the slightly-larger-than-wallet-sized CDC card.

Both D.C. and Maryland use the same vaccine database website. If you've been vaccinated in either place, you can make an account on MyIR.net and print your COVID-19 vaccination records. 

For those vaccinated in Virginia, simply enter your information into the commonwealth's immunization portal and print your vaccination records.

The process gets a bit more complicated if you got different doses in different jurisdictions. If you received your first dose in Maryland and the second in Virginia, you cannot just offer up information about your other dose. You will need to print two records: The first Maryland dose and the second Virginia dose.

If your online records appear to be inaccurate or you experience an issue, you can call the following phone numbers for each jurisdiction.

  • Washington, DC: (202) 576-9301 
  • Maryland: 410-767-6679
  • Virginia: (866) 375-9795 

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