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VERIFY: No, President Trump didn't vote twice in the general election. Here's where the confusion began

The VERIFY Team received numerous emails asking if President Trump voted twice. Many didn't realize that an August vote by mail was for the Florida primary.


Has President Donald Trump voted twice in the 2020 general election?


No. The Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections confirmed for the VERIFY Team that President Donald Trump has only voted once in the General Election. In August, President Trump submitted a vote by mail in the Florida Primary, which was held on August 18th. 


The Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections


On October 24, President Donald Trump arrived at a polling place in Palm Beach County, Florida to cast his vote for president. 

“I voted for a guy named Trump," he said in front of a crowd of reporters. 

In the aftermath, there was a flurry of confusion on social media, with many thinking that the president already voted in August. 

“Did Trump vote twice?" asked one user. "I thought he voted by mail weeks ago.”

The VERIFY Team received countless emails, asking the same thing. 

"This weekend it showed President Trump voting in person in Florida," said one email. "Did he not sent in an absentee ballot a few months ago from the White House? Did he vote twice?"

To find out what really happened, the VERIFY Team turned to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, where the president is registered to vote. A spokesperson explained that the August vote from President Trump was for the state primary, which was held on August 18. 

“He voted in the Primary in August," a spokesperson said. "And the general on Saturday.” 

So we can Verify that he President Trump did vote in two elections, but did not vote twice for one election. The general election was separate.

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