WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A local woman is among only five people who will get to have ornaments they created hanging on White House Christmas trees. The ornaments were created in the White House's first 3D Printed Ornament Challenge.

Vicky Somma is a computer programmer turned Christmas ornament designer who lives in Occoquan, Va. and she's helping deck the halls of the White House.

She told CBS NEWS, "With my Library of Congress ornament, I actually did not think it was going to be good enough to be a finalist or a winner but I thought it was going to be good enough to impress my husband."

It turns out it was good enough: The White House chose her 3D ornament design from more than 300 submissions. Now her ornament will hang on a tree in the East Wing. Instructables, a collaborative online 3D workshop with 20 million monthly users, printed the ornament.

David Crane with Instructables said, "This new technology is creating new jobs, creating new opportunities for people to be part of this making culture."

Somma started creating 3D designs less than a year ago. She has made a cork for her mother who drove a school bus, a motherhood charm for her locket, and a pumpkin with funny faces for her children.

"When I am waiting for my package to come in the mail, I am like a UPS stalker. I am constantly putting in the tracking number and refreshing to see where it is at," shared Somma.

Somma says that this Christmas she's reliving the excitement of a child, except her gifts aren't coming from Santa; they're coming from the printer.

The four other winnings designs were:

  • "Winter Snowflakes" from Gil Rivera, Montclair, NJ;
  • "Star of Bliss" from Roy Eid, Houston, TX;
  • "Presidents of Christmas Past and Present" from Antar Gamble Hall, New York, NY;
  • and "Winter Wonderland of Innovation" from David Moore and Brandy Badami, Livonia, MI.

See all the winning designs here