WASHINGTON — The eagle found injured on on the Blue-Silver Metro lines in Landover, Md. Wednesday faced injuries "too severe" for rehabilitation, officials said.

The eagle's multiple fractures in its wing couldn't be repaired, according to Jim Monsma, executive director of City Wildlife.

City Wildlife experts carefully reviewed the eagle's X-rays and consulted with other wildlife veterinarians. They later concluded that the decision was disheartening but ultimately in the bird's best interest.

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"The opinion of the experts is unanimous and sad," Monsma said. "The multiple fractures in the bird’s wing cannot be repaired and humane euthanasia is the only responsible option. We would, of course, had loved to have saved this bird, but the injuries were too severe."

Monsma stated that the survival of wild animals in a "built-up" environment is difficult.

"The eagle is, tragically, another victim whose life ended too soon," Monsma said.

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