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Texas officer gives ride to kids who missed the school bus

Two Arlington boys take the cake when it comes to school arrivals.

Two Arlington boys take the cake when it comes to school arrivals.

They arrived for the first day of their second week of fifth grade at Della Icenhower Intermediate School in the back of an Arlington police squad car, thanks to a mishap with bus scheduling and the kindness of one APD officer.

Barbara Te’evale Vo’a shared the story on Facebook, saying her son Tristan and friend Aiden missed the school bus Monday because it came through their neighborhood earlier than expected. She was having car troubles and couldn’t take them.

"It's the second week of school," Vo'a said. "I didn't want to be that mom with the tardy kids!"

Arlington police Cpl. Brett Worman just happened to be on the block helping a stranded motorist. Tristan saw his solution.

"I thought, he's an officer. They're probably nice, so I might as well go ask him," the 10-year-old said.

"They prefaced it by saying 'Officer, we know this isn't your normal job, but do you think you could give us a ride to school?" said Worman. "My immediate answer was yes!"

Voa calls him a blessing, and can't thank the officer enough.

"I told him, 'I know it's not your job, you're not a bus driver,'" she said.

"I told her we wear many hats every day," said Worman. "And if one of those hats means helping these kids get to school today, then that's the one I'm going to put on!"

Worman drove the kids several miles from southern Arlington to their school in Mansfield, and judging by the pictures, they loved every minute.

"I've never seen a car that cool before," said Tristan. "I felt like I was a celebrity!"

It's a thrill for the boys, and Vo'a learned her son doesn't hesitate to ask police for help.

"I was proud of him, because I'm glad he's not afraid," Vo'a said.

That's a feeling Cpl. Worman's happy to enforce.

"I just want to make sure kids understand that they can always reach out to a police officer if they need anything," said Worman.