WASHINGTON — Lemonade stands were popping up across the country Sunday, but these were doing more than quench a thirst for something sweet.

They were organized by kids and moms as part of a fundraising campaign to help those affected by President Trump’s family separation policy.

Eight-year-old, Sarah Levinson-Waldman spent her Sunday afternoon manning a lemonade stand with her group of friends in Northwest, D.C. because she wanted to help kids like herself. “It’s important to have grown-ups, and maybe other people to help the kids," said Levinson-Waldman.

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The ‘Take a Stand’ campaign was organized by the Lawyer Mom’s foundation. All proceeds will be given to KIND -- an organization that covers legal fees for migrant children -- and Rio Grande Rapid Response, an organization that helps provide kids with necessities after they’ve been released from detention.

Rachel Levinson-Waldman said she feels the Trump administration’s policy of family separation is at odds with the American values she holds most dear.

“At this point it’s not a lack of resources.  It feels like a very deliberate plan to treat people this way, and that’s just appalling," said Rachel Levinson-Waldman.

In all, moms and kids set up more than 150 lemonade stands in 37 states.

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Cate Brandon is mother and lawyer who has worked with migrant children. She set up a lemonade stand near H Street with her infant and two-year-old daughters.

“I can’t imagine kids being forcibly separated.I know what it’s like for my children to be away from us for a little bit of time…they will get anxiety-it’s hard for them to express how they feel," said Brandon.

Brandon said she hopes campaigns like this and increasing public pressure can put an end to the Trump administration’s policy in the interest of the children.

“There have been more and more people- congress people- seeing the conditions that these children are living in and they’re saying all the right things, but it’s time for action," Brandon explained. "They need to step and ensure that this administration is taking care of children the way they should be taken care of.”

As of noon Sunday, the ‘Take a Stand’ Campaign had raised more than $28,000.

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