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No more stimulus direct deposit: Watch for a debit card or check in the mail

The IRS never mentioned debit cards at the beginning of all this, but about 4 million people will get a debit card in the mail.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The stimulus payment still isn't showing up in your bank account?
You're not alone. Millions of people are still waiting. If you gave the IRS your bank account information by the deadline, you will get your payment by direct deposit. But, if you're on Social Security, disability, or you didn't make the direct deposit deadline, you'll need to watch for the mail. 

“Even those who receive social security and disability haven't gotten some payments. I would call it a glitch in the system,” explains Mark Hensley, Associate Director AARP NC Region. “But know this, the IRS has stopped direct deposits and have gone to debit cards and checks in the mail.”

The checks and the debit cards for those on Social Security and disability come in white envelopes. It will be the same for those who didn't put in their bank account information before the May deadline. Not much fanfare.  Nothing eye-catching, so don't mistake it for junk mail and chuck it.

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The IRS never mentioned the possibility of debit cards until this past week. So, here’s how you can use them. 

“Once you get it, you can transfer that money on your card directly to your bank without any fees,” said Scott Braddock of Scott Braddock Financial. “You can go to an ATM in-network and use it that way or it's a Visa. You can purchase any way you like wherever Visa and Mastercard (is) used.”

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If you're waiting on a check, you could be waiting months, depending on your yearly income. Checks are being mailed out every week through September. So for example, if your household makes $80,000 to $90,000 you're looking at your check being mailed by June 19.

Credit: NCAARP