It's T-minus 10 days until Meghan Markle walks down the aisle.

The invitations have been sent. The mania has started. The royal slippers, well, they're on their way.

A Markle-approved Sacramento shoe company has made special, one-of-a-kind bridal slippers for the future royal.

"We know she's been a fan of Birdies for a really long time," Marisa Sharkey, the co-founder of Birdies, told ABC10. "We wanted to do something that was our gift to her so we sent them off and hopefully she'll receive them and love them."

Sharkey is a Sacramento mom who co-founded Birdies -- which makes chic, comfortable slippers -- two years ago.

"The first shipment came here, all the way to Sacramento in my garage," she said.

The company has gotten a big boost from Markle -- who started wearing the slippers long before she was engaged to Prince Harry.

"Every day we get people writing in, 'Which one does Meghan have?' and, 'How can I get the ones Meghan has?'" she explained.

In return, Sharkey said they decided to send Markle a specially-designed bridal slipper that they hope she will wear while getting ready for her big day.

"She has a very classic style," Sharkey said about Markle. "She doesn’t have a huge amount of accessories, so we just felt these with the pom pom were fun and beautiful and have a little bit of a flair but not overdone or anything."

Only two pairs of the slippers, which are light pink with pearls on the back, were made (one for Markle, the other as a sample). However, Birdies is now selling similar slippers in different colors for anyone who wants to get the Meghan "look."

The Royal Wedding is on May 19. A special edition of Good Morning America with Robin Roberts and David Muir will air on ABC10 starting at 3 a.m.

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