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Reports: Trent Williams demands trade, vows not to play for Washington

The 7-time pro-bowler is still not in minicamp, and teammates say they don't believe the report.

ASHBURN, Va. — The situation with offensive lineman Trent Willliams has taken some twists and turns.

Several reports today say Williams was upset with the handling of a medical diagnosis earlier this year and doesn't want to play for the Redskins anymore.

Running Back Adrian Peterson is one of Williams' closest friends on the team. The two own a sports fitness business in Houston. 

Peterson says, "I don't know where that came from. I talk to Trent all the time and that's not something I've heard come out of his mouth." 

Peterson adds, "He's a big part, biggest part, of the team, offensively what we do. You just know you have security with him there. There are always going to be different reports out. You never know what to believe."

Moses Morgan is on the line with Trent and agrees with Peterson about Williams' importance to the team, "you can't replace a guy like Trent."

"He's the best left tackle in the NFL everybody knows it. We need him on this team. He needs to work some things out for himself," Moses says.

Morgan Moses went on to say, "It's about time somebody like that stands up and not just this situation here. It happens throughout the league."

Earlier this year team doctors diagnosed what, at the time, seemed like a serious growth on the left tackle's head as a possibly malignant tumor. The growth was removed and everyone thought he'd be back on the field soon enough.

Now reports say he was not happy about the timing of everything. 

Head coach Jay Gruden was asked repeatedly about Williams' situation in his post-practice press conference. 

"Well, I know he’s frustrated," says Gruden. "Anytime you have something done, a procedure like that, of that magnitude, you want to find the reason. You wish something maybe could’ve been done differently or different timing, but our doctors are very good. I know they did the best they can. I know Trent’s probably frustrated. But at the end of the day, we want him back, staff wants him back, players want him back and hopefully we’ll get it fixed."