Pushing to gain more ground in Virginia, Donald Trump held a rally in Fredericksburg Saturday.

In the Commonwealth, Trump is coming off the heels of a public fight with a Virginia Gold Star family. A popular Virginia senator is now his opponent’s VP pick and most recently, a Washington Post poll showed Hillary Clinton with a 14-point lead over Trump in the swing state.

However, his supporters questioned those numbers.

“No, I have not always been a Donald Trump fan. I didn’t like any of the selections when they all started running,” said Jennifer Myers, who is now a Trump supporter.

She is a retired government employee, she said, and is not exactly confident in the Washington Post poll showing Hillary leading in Virginia 52 to 38 percent

“What if it’s a controlled lie?” Myers said.

At the rally, several supporters told WUSA 9 they hear and see Trump fans everywhere they go. Virginia, an important swing state, traditionally sided with Republicans until President Obama’s election wins.

While Saturday was a sold-out rally, it was smaller in size. Fredericksburg police said the Expo Center holds about 3,200 people if everyone shows.

On the other side was an even smaller protest. A handful of Hillary Clinton supporters, including a dancing Donald Duck, chanted for Trump to release his tax returns.

“It’s the classic example of how Trump is not accountable to the people he’s seeking to represent and he needs to release his taxes so we can see what would drive his agenda” said Shu-yen Wei, with the Democratic National Committee.

Most supporters and protesters at the rally kept the focus on the economy and military, despite online criticism to Trump’s recent comments on why African American communities should vote for him.

Many in the area are connected to the military.

“The fact is Bengasi happened. The fact is emails got deleted. There’s a lot of facts against Hillary that I can’t overlook and there’s nothing on Trump,” Theresa Boutchyard said.

Boutchyard added that she wants the military protected better. Her and her husband said their son is an active member.

Lee Russell said he lost his son in the war.

“I feel like Donald Trump will send people in harm’s way at the drop of a hat and that’s why I’m here,” he said. “Because of what I went through as a Gold Star Father.”