Facebook now estimates as many as 126 million people saw posts created or paid for by Russia during the 2016 election. The new revelation was the focal point of congressional hearings Tuesday.

But even during testimony, Russian bots were hard at work. That, according to a new online tool that monitors more than 600 Russian Twitter accounts.

Called the Hamilton 68 Dashboard, the website was set up by the Alliance for Securing Democracy, part of a nonpartisan think-tank called the German Marshall Fund.

"This is bigger than just Donald Trump or the 2016 presidential election,” said David Salvo of the Alliance for Securing Democracy. “This is about what's going to happen in 2018, 2020, and what happens on a daily basis.”

The top topics Tuesday were all about the New York attack. But most of the stories were from a fake news site, breaking911.com.

What about Monday, as former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort was criminally charged? Russian bots were instead pushing stories about Hillary Clinton.

You can try this yourself at dashboard.securingdemocracy.org. It’s completely free.

“Americans should be paying attention because we’re just now starting to understand the extent that Russians are manipulating social media platforms,” said Salvo.