Sources within the U.S. Senate confirmed Thursday to WUSA9 a partial government shutdown appears increasingly likely at midnight, after optimism concerning a two-year Senate budget plan faded.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) voiced his objections to the spending compromise Thursday afternoon, preventing the Senate from voting. Staffers anticipated the late impasse could be resolved late into the evening or overnight, sending the country into a shutdown for a few hours.

A Senate vote at 1 a.m. Friday appeared a more likely scenario, sending the compromise to the House of Representatives, and then to President Donald Trump. The shutdown would mark the second partial shuttering of the government in 2018.

Republicans raised objections concerning adding billions of dollars to the deficit, abandoning principles of fiscal discipline established with the rise of the Tea Party.

House Speaker Paul Ryan urged members of Congress to support the compromise, in order to appropriately fund the military and avoid perpetual continuing resolutions to fund the government.