WASHINGTON — Democrats and Republicans are split on what the next steps should be with the Mueller Report.

Some say it's not over until the full report is released.

Others are ready to move on.

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Dozens gathered outside of the White House gates Sunday night to catch a glimpse of President Trump returning on the heels of the Mueller Report findings.

“I was surprised, because everybody was waiting [on] something different," said Saaleleh Neeagh, who typically votes Democrat.

Across the figurative aisle, Republican Tim LaRue says he has been waiting for this result since day one.

“It’s what I expected to be honest with you. I think it was a witch hunt, like the president always says, and I’m pleased to hear what the outcome is," said LaRue.

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Others passing by the White House crowd said they still have questions and need to hear more of what's in the report before they're satisfied.

“Just having a summary given to congress. I don’t think that’s enough. I think congress needs to get a full report and be able to make their own determination," said Ashok Kapur, who says he votes Democrat.

However, some think releasing the report can only help the President and hurt the Democrats.

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“This Mueller Report just really shoots them in the foot, and it really kills one more thing that he gets to walk away from. He doesn’t have to basically answer to this anymore. It’s done. It’s over with. We’ve wasted how much in American money in trying to do an investigation that proved nothing?” said Vernon VanWinkle, a President Trump supporter.

Looking ahead to Monday, feelings are mixed on next steps.

“We all want to be there for our president and for our country, and we’re having so much fighting between the parties, and it’s just depressing. I don’t see any future in this yet. It could be years before we ever find out what was going on if there was anything going on," said Sheri McMasters, who frequently votes Democrat.

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Republican Joey Andrews, however, is ready to 'tie it up, and put it away.'

“Everybody’s been saying let’s wait until the Mueller Report. The Mueller Report’s out. It says what it says, so let’s move on. Let’s just put this behind us, and let’s go forward," said Andrews.

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