WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, some federal government workers said they have little faith that another shutdown will be avoided.

Some are preparing for a shutdown this Friday, and at one agency, single parents are suffering the most.

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Roxanne Lane has been a program analyst for the Department of Agriculture for years. She has been a federal government worker for 31 years. 

"We're anticipating it, we think it will happen again," said Lane.

Lane said she hasn't been able to complete some of her work because the funding just isn't there. She and the rest of her coworkers at the USDA were furloughed for 35 days just weeks ago, and she's bracing for it to potentially happen again.

"It's devastating for our coworkers who are single parents, who are paycheck to paycheck," said Lane.

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The recent record government shutdown led folks in different directions. For some, it led to desperate times and food pantry lines. For other furloughed government workers, they used the time to spend with their kids or pick up new hobbies like painting. The Art League in Old Town, Alexandria gave a free art class to furloughed workers once a week during the shutdown.

As Lane heads back into work, she wonders how many more days until the doors may shut again.

"Just make up your mind and get it over with," said Lane.