Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the one-vote margin that appears to have ended GOP rule in the state House is a vivid reminder of the power of a single vote.

He tells The Associated Press, "We're now 50-50. And we won it by 1 vote. Don't tell me that every vote doesn't count."

A Democratic challenger appears to have won a recount on Tuesday by one vote, putting the partisan balance in the House at a tie. It would mean a rare power-sharing agreement may have to be brokered.

Shelly Simonds beat three-term incumbent Republican Del. David Yancey in the 94th District in Newport News, 11,608 to 11,607, in a dramatic hours-long recount that ended only after the precinct ballots were exhausted and provisional ballots were examined.

The recounted votes still must be certified by a court on Wednesday.