Running for office isn't easy. Try having to be on bed rest and then giving birth to premature twins during the campaign, but it's not surprising for the people who know Jennifer Carroll Foy.

She is a trailblazer. She's one of the women who just flipped a long held Republican delegate seat in the Virginia election. And she did it, despite giving birth to premature twins in the last few months of the campaign.

Zander Foy came home from the hospital on Friday, four days before the Nov. 7th election. He is now about 7.5 pounds. When he and his twin brother Alex were born on July 5th, they were only about a pound and a half.

"My babies are considered very premature. They are miracle babies. I've had so many nurses tell me, 'I've never seen a 22-week-old premie twins do so exceptionally well as yours. 'Cuz they're fighters," said Foy.

It's pretty easy to see when they get that from. Their mom decided to attend Virginia Military Institute when VMI was forced to open its doors to women.

"All the requirements that men went through, women had to do the same. So, I wore a man's uniform. On the second day, they set me down in a barber's chair...and they shaved my head completely bald. And they told me, 'Welcome to VMI,'" Foy said. (That practice is gone now.)

She went to VMI in order to break down the barrier to women. She said it wasn't fun, but a great experience for which she's extremely proud.

"They teach you how to be citizen soldiers," extremely organized and responsible.

They break you down, to build you back up, she explained. But in those early years for women students, Foy says women were absolutely treated worse than men.

"Hands down. There's no question about it. To actually know 1,400 men know your name and will do anything to see you leave the Institute, it's a once in a lifetime experience," she said.

There was at least one male students who accepted her, Jeff Foy, who became her best friend, and how husband.

Jennifer went on to law school and is now a public defender for Arlington County. She said she will be the first public defender to serve in Virginia's House of Delegates.

But, right now, she's on maternity leave. They're happy to have Zander home (even though they're sleep deprived) and are anxious to bring Alex home from Inova Fairfax Women and Children's Hospital.