LANCASTER, Pa. (WUSA9) -- A brand new political action committee aiming to elect Donald Trump is turning to an unlikely group for what may be critical votes: the Amish.

Just when we thought this presidential race couldn’t possibly get more interesting, it just did. The Amish don’t watch television and they don’t follow Twitter, but the new Amish PAC is hoping to churn up some Trump votes.

In rural Lancaster County, most Amish live without electricity and and reject modern technology.

So the Donald Trump they know is not the bombastic politician sparring on television and on Twitter.

Ben King is the outreach coordinator for the newly formed Amish PAC.

King grew up in an Amish family and now runs a construction business.

"He’s strong on immigration. That’s a great thing," said King. "He’s pro-business. Very successful in business.

The Amish PAC plans to reach potential voters the old-fashioned way: by advertising in local newspapers and on billboards.

"Trump has a little better business mind and I don’t think he’s afraid to say what he thinks," said Bryan Garber, Trump supporter. 'And I think our country’s in need of that."

Pennsylvania and Ohio are both battleground states so even a few thousand votes could make the difference.

Now the question is will enough of the state’s 60,000 Amish actually vote? King thinks they will and says he did when he was Amish. So far, the PAC has raised $10,000.

For more information on the Amish PAC, visit their website.