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Pro-Trump riots raise questions on how Capitol Police handled a Black woman in 2013

Do you remember Miriam Carey? The 34-year-old was shot and killed after making a U-turn at a checkpoint on Capitol grounds.

WASHINGTON — Incited by the President's unfounded claims of voter fraud, pro-Trump rioters stormed Capitol grounds in a last-ditch effort to overthrow the 2020 election. Chants of "stop the steal" and "Make America great again" rang through the District like a siren, unleashing chaos throughout the city. 

Rioters broke through the Capitol barriers, climbed walls and scaffolds, broke windows, and forced their way into the building in an unprecedented insurrection.

To the surprise of many watching from the safety of their own homes, the rioters were met with less aggressive policing in a stark contrast to the images of military tanks, rubber bullets, and tear gas that were used on Black Lives Matter protesters over the summer. 

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Those who are familiar with the very thorough way Capitol law enforcement normally police the grounds, recall a particular incident involving a Black woman in 2013. 

Her name is Miriam Carey.

Carey, 34, originally from Connecticut, struck a security barrier with her car at 15th and E Streets NW, one block from the White House. Officials don't know if she deliberately rammed the barrier or simply sideswiped it, according to CBS News.

The collision led to a chase, from near the White House to the Capitol, ending with officers opening fire and shooting at her 26 times from behind, including a fatal shot to the back of her head on October 3, 2013. Her 13-month-old baby was in the car but unharmed.

Carey's family attorney Eric Sanders says on his law firm's website that the autopsy found Carey was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This led most to believe that she was mentally ill, according to the Associated Press. 

None of the officers involved in her death were charged with a crime.

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