Women played a huge role in the big democratic wins in Virginia and many of those women were motived to run after Donald Trump won the presidency.

Kathy Tran never thought she'd run for office.

Tran was a baby when she fled Vietnam with her parents. Last year, Tran was working in workforce development policy and immigration advocacy.

Then two things happened. President Trump was elected. And she gave birth to her her fourth child.

She and her husband named her Elise after Ellis Island because Tran's husband has family who were escaping anti-semitism at the turn of the century and passed through Ellis Island in their search for opportunity in Amerirca.

Elise's middle name stands for "bright bell" in Vietnamese, inspired by the Liberty Bell.

"And so, to us, her name means to ring the bells of Liberty and champion opportunity for all. And when she was about a month old, I made the decision to run, because I realize I couldn't give such an aspirational name to baby and just sit on the sidelines. This moment is now and I needed to stand up for my kids future and for all the families in the 42nd district," said Tran.

When her parents fled Vietnam, they were offered asylum in several counties. But they wanted to come to the United States.

"It's really this country that embodies hope, opportunity and freedom. And, those values were under threat. I could clearly see that. I had this baby daughter and I could see these values under threat. And that's why I decided to run," said Tran.

Now, Tran will be helping to lead the state of Virginia as a member of house of delegates.