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'I value my freedom' | Here's why you said you were voting in this year's election

We asked DMV voters WHY they decided to vote.

WASHINGTON — After much anticipation, Election Day is finally here. Voters have endured long lines, braved a pandemic and more for this year's elections.

Millions have already cast ballots early in the DMV, shattering records - both locally and across the nation. But, according to voters, this year's election is more impactful than many others in recent memory.

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We asked DMV voters WHY they decided to vote. Here are some of the responses.  

Samantha Degen: It's my right as an American and strong women fought for my right to vote. It's an honor to vote. 

Margaret Stern: Because I believe in our constitution and we, the people, have the right to vote for our new president. 

Iris Haxhialiu Venkatesan: Because I value my Freedom! This is only my second time voting as a US citizen and I’ll never take that honor for granted. 

Jennifer Lewis: My forefathers died so that I could vote. If I don't vote I can't complain about my local officials or those elected to represent me in Congress. 

Nikki Moore: I voted because George Floyd and Breonna Taylor can't!

John Grisanti: We must fight to keep America free and prosperous, for law and order and most of all to keep out any possibility of socialism. 

April Keel: I love my country and want to fight to protect our Liberties and Freedoms it was founded on! 

Carlos A Venegas: I want transparency in every facet of the government!  

Fran Indigo: Because there are kids in cages at the border, and more families to be separated. 

Tina Sanford: It is my civic responsibility, and my children and all the children of this country deserve better. 

Hazel Waldo: Because it's the right thing to do 

Donna Koon: My parents were both Military veterans that served 6 tours of duty and I saw the world with them!! America is like no other and I fully understand how sacred my voting duty is!! 

Carol Worley: This is my country and I voted because I want to keep my guns  

Michael D Brown: I want a new president because I am so tired of this racist, bully, and narcissistical person. 

Gary Shifflett: Freedom, free speech, 2nd amendment, and President Trump. 

Woody Wilson: I voted because I want to use my voice! And I would like our country to not be so divided and chaotic. 

Mary Berkebile: I can, so I did! 

Janet Samuelson: Because I love God and my country! 

Raymond Mills: Freedom matters and socialism sucks 

Diane Gausman: Empathy and compassion matter. 

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