American University students got yet another opportunity to weigh in on the race for president. With Election Day less than one week away, they predicted the new Commander in Chief after they sounded off about swing states.

It started with Florida.

“Latino voters can make a difference,” one student said.

“And you have a lot of Puerto Rican voters who have moved into Florida who are going to vote Democratic," said Leonard Steinhorn, a professor of Public Communication and affiliate professor of History at American University.

“The Cuban vote isn’t as solidly pro-Republican as it [has] been for previous elections. But you’ve also got the panhandle, which is probably going to go out in large numbers for Donald Trump,” Steinhorn added.

With Republicans outperforming Democrats in Florida’s early voting and African American’s not turning out at a rate as high as Democrats might have hoped, the students put Florida in the Trump column, leaving Pennsylvania to decide the election for this academic exercise.

“There are lots of issues in Pennsylvania that could tip this in Trump’s favor, like Affordable Care Act premiums set to hike pretty high,” one student said.

Others were concerned that voter intimidation and a strike by SEPTA — the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority — could lower turnout from Hillary Clinton supporters in Philadelphia, an overwhelmingly blue city.

“I think there is a lot of room,” one student said, “for stuff to hit the fan in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.”

The students, however, did not think these circumstances would be sufficient to put Pennsylvania in the Trump column, predicting Clinton would win the election with 278 Electoral College votes.