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'I wish I knew why' | DC Police provide first major update on investigation into 'sniper-style' shooting

Chief Contee said investigators have not determined the reason why 23-year-old Raymond Spencer opened fire from a "sniper's nest" on April 22.

Laura Wainman

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Published: 4:50 PM EDT May 12, 2022
Updated: 1:09 PM EDT May 13, 2022

Almost three weeks after a lone gunman terrorized D.C. for hours during a "sniper-style" shooting that put teenage students in the crosshairs and left four people injured, DC Police provided an update on their ongoing investigation. While there are still numerous unknowns about the shooting -- including a motive -- photos and a more detailed timeline of events give additional insight into what happened inside the AVA Van Ness apartment building and Edmund Burke School on April 22. 

"Community members don't oftentimes understand like the why behind things, and we're still searching for that answer," DC Police Chief Robert Contee said as way of explanation for why he hosted a press conference on an in-progress investigation. "But hopefully, with some of these visual images that we're sharing, people will really kind of get an inside look of what we were dealing with, on this dreadful day here in the District of Columbia."

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