CHANTILLY, Va. — The Virginia Department of Transportation says it is increasing manpower as the potential snow total goes up on Saturday. Around 3,800 crews and contractors will hit the streets of Northern Virginia on Saturday in preparation for the storm.

VDOT Northern Virginia spokesperson Ellen Kamilakis said crews will spread salt on main roads and sand in the neighborhoods as the first two inches of snow falls. Plowing will begin once there is more than two inches of snow on the ground.

“They’ll be staging until it actually starts snowing,” said Kamilakis. “Once it starts snowing they’re going to start treating the lanes.”

Kamilakis said VDOT in Northern Virginia, which covers Loudoun County, Prince William County, Fairfax County, parts of Arlington County and the interstates, will treat 14,000 lane miles throughout the area.

The Chantilly area VDOT headquarters was not the only place buzzing before the storm on Saturday. The Fair Oaks Costco parking lot and gas station were packed with people hoping to stock up before the snow. Dozens of vehicles were in line for gas on Saturday afternoon.

“This is even busier than right before Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said Jane Carl, a Vienna resident who decided to pick up a few things last minute.

Shoppers loaded up their cars with ice melt and all the essentials before heading home. As Kamilakis said, home is where they hope drivers will stay during the duration of the snowstorm.

“Now that you’re starting to see [the plows], we want you guys to be coming in off of the roads so that our trucks can do as efficient and quick of a job as possible,” she said.