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Alleged insurrectionist from Colorado wants out of jail to get away from other accused insurrectionists

Robert Gieswein said in a letter to the judge that it's not healthy to be around people in the same situation as he is, with conversations always turning to Jan. 6.

DENVER — A Coloradan accused of violence during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has asked to be released from jail to distance himself from other accused insurrectionists.

Robert Gieswein, of Woodland Park, petitioned the court in the week before Thanksgiving asking for reconsideration of his status before trial. Court documents say Gieswein and others arrested after the events on Jan. 6 are "vulnerable to radicalization" by remaining together.

"...Mr. Gieswein, a very young man who came to the District alone, is now trapped in a highly charged environment that could potentially exert undue influence on his thinking, and may eventually create pressure on him to conform, or to allow others’ political narratives to drive his thinking and decision-making," his lawyers said.

In a handwritten letter to the judge, Gieswein himself said he would like to be released to live with his godparents to help his family financially and separate himself from the environment.

"That fact is that January 6 was one crazy day with many elements, and I will never put myself into a situation like that again," he wrote. "… to spend every day in here like Groundhog's Day … It is natural in this environment for the conversation always to turn to January 6, and for us to look to each other for strength."

Gieswein is accused of attacking police and spraying them with a chemical during the attempted coup that happened as Congress was set to certify the results of the presidential election. He's accused of being one of the first rioters to enter the capitol, dressed in military gear and carrying a baseball bat.

In court documents, Gieswein's attorneys also raised a concern about a prison incident in which inmates allegedly got sick after guards used an irritant spray to subdue another inmate.

A hearing to consider his request hasn't been schedule yet.

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