One behavioral science expert said several issues may be to blame for the deadly mass shooting in Texas.

“The first thing that went through my mind was ‘are you kidding me?’ Not again,” Dr. Max Wachtel said.

“How can this keep happening over and over and over again?”

President Donald Trump said the shooting was not a gun situation but “a mental health problem at the highest level.”

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“It’s really easy to try and just blame one thing for any mass shooting or for all of the mass shootings that are occurring,” Dr. Wachtel said.

As more information comes out about Devin Kelley, the shooting suspect, Dr. Wachtel said the more he fits the typical profile of a mass shooter.

Dr. Wachtel described the profile as young to middle-aged, acting alone, and some history of anger or violence.

However, he said mental health or gun control should not be the only focus.

“The problem is more complicated than that. It probably combines those two issues plus a host of other things that really need to be looked at and studied. It is not a simple explanation. It is not going to be a simple fix either,” Dr. Wachtel explained.

Dr. Wachtel: The goal is to learn from this. Maybe come up with some better predictors in order to prevent future mass shootings

Quander: Yeah, but this has happened time and time again. Has that work not already been done in the past?

Dr. Wachtel: It sucks. Doesn’t it? So, your question is — yeah. We’ve had a lot of mass shootings and we have a lot of data now. Why can’t we do something about it? I think that one of the fundamental problems is the human mind is incredibly complicated and it is not an easy fix. It is not an easy solution.

Dr. Wachtel reminded that behavior profiling is still a relatively young science.

He said mass shootings are on the rise and a problem we need to deal with before someone else gets hurt.