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Who is Jay Inslee?

Take a closer look at Jay Inslee, Democratic candidate for President.

Gov. Jay Robert Inslee

Born: February 9, 1951

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Age on Inauguration Day: 69

Party affiliation: Democrat

Campaign website: jayinslee.com

Education: University of Washington (Bachelor's degree in economics); Willamette University College of Law (Juris Doctor)

Professions: Attorney and prosecutor

Public office: City prosecutor for Selah, Wash.; Washington state representative 1988-1992; United States Department of Health and Human Services regional director 1997-1998; U.S. Representative 1993-1995 and 1999-2012; Washington state governor 2013-present

Personal: Inslee and wife Trudi have three sons and three grandchildren

Life and career highlights

  • An advocate for fighting climate change, he has pushed for a switch to a clean energy economy.
  • Has been a vocal and legal critic of President Trump. Washington state has launched or joined several lawsuits against Trump’s executive orders, including the so-called Muslim ban.
  • Has supported resettlement of Syrian refugees in Washington state. In 2018, Washington ranked second in the nation in overall refugee resettlement.
  • Faced criticism for his support of an $8.7 billion tax break for Boeing in 2013, which was the largest tax subsidy in U.S. history to a private company. Boeing’s Machinists union voiced frustration with Inslee for pushing a new contract in 2014 that ended their traditional pensions.
  • Issued stays of execution to the state's death row inmates in 2014, essentially suspending the death penalty. The state Supreme Court threw out the death penalty in 2018, citing racial bias.
  • Vetoed bill that would have exempted the Washington state Legislature from a voter-approved Public Records Act.

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