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VERIFY: Yes, it really is important to go buy water before the hurricane hits

Even though buying water may involve long lines and multiple trips to different stores, we can verify that it's worth it.

Experts say that buying sufficient amounts of water can save your life in emergency situations like hurricanes.

However, as Hurricane Florence makes its way inland, social media posts like this one from Katie Ricketts in Wilmington are starting to pop up.

At the same time, hundreds of articles published by news outlets and local governments stress the importance of buying emergency supplies as soon as possible - including water.

But that creates a bit of a Catch 22. Finding water can be a daunting task involving long lines and visits to multiple locations.


Does buying water, days before the storm makes landfall, have any impact? Is it worth the long lines and multiple store trips?


It's a resounding "yes" among experts and publications. Those who prepare earlier are more able to survive and survive well during severe storm situations.


Both FEMA and the Red Cross have their own checklists for emergency supplies in a hurricane. Both list water as the first item and recommend having one gallon per person, per day.

Red Cross spokesperson Jonathan McNamara said there are multiple reasons.

"What we've seen in disasters across the country is that some people find themselves in situations where rescue workers can't get to them for days," he said. "In these situations, the tracks of the storms are uncertain...but that's the beauty of a hurricane. It's going to give you days in advance to take those steps to prepare."

McNamara said having water in addition to food, batteries, gas and other emergency supplies not only guarantees a better chance of survival, but it also just makes good common sense.

"The items you purchase for a Hurricane Florence emergency kit are going to be good after the storm passes," he said. "It's early in the hurricane season so more might crop up. Having extras are going to put you in a good situation."

So yes, we can verify that it is worth long lines and possibly having to visit multiple stores to make sure you're prepared for Florence.