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VERIFY: Amazon Prime doesn't guarantee two-day deliveries. Just two-day shipping.

Two-day shipping is Amazon Prime's claim to fame, but some people are saying that the online retailer is failing to meet the two-day deadline.
Credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images
Items in "Amazon Prime" branded packaging are seen at the Amazon Fulfillment Centre on November 14, 2018 in Hemel Hempstead, England.

The holiday season is fast approaching and for many people that means it's time to start ordering gifts from your loved one's Amazon wishlist.

Amazon Prime advertises it’s two-day shipping policy as one of the main selling points for the service, but some people are expressing their frustrations on social media claiming the online retailer failed to meet the two-day deadline.


It's been more than two days since I ordered with Amazon Prime. Why don't I have my stuff?


Unfortunately for those feeling slighted, the real answer might come down to the fine print.

Amazon Prime guarantees that the item will arrive within two days after it ships, not two days after it's ordered.


Amazon states on their website that one-day or two-day shipping with Prime will reduce the transit time to one or two business days after they've shipped the order, but Prime has no bearing on how long it will take before the item is shipped.

"Sometimes our delivery promises are different than expectations and this may be a simple misunderstanding as opposed to widespread missed issues," said an Amazon spokesperson. "If the item you're ordering is out of stock or unavailable to ship immediately, the shipping method time starts when the item ships."

There is no timetable given by Amazon on how long it takes for them to prepare ordered items or get ordered items in stock. However, Amazon typically tells you when you can expect to see your item when you're ordering it.

Amazon also states on the same page that deliveries can be delayed by severe weather, natural disasters and unexpected events. If you live in an area subject to any of these factors, Amazon recommends adding two to three business days to your order's estimated delivery date.


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