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Powerful engines most popular with car thieves, new ranking finds

Where does your vehicle fall on the list of the most stolen?

When it comes to stealing cars, thieves are looking for more power under the hood. 

A ranking released Thursday of new cars, trucks and SUVs that have the highest rate of whole-vehicle insurance claims lists the Dodge Charger HEMI and the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat at the top, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).

The ranking looked at 2016 - 2018 model years. HLDI says two Dodges have insurance claim rates that are five times the average for all vehicles. 

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Right behind them is the Infiniti Q50 midsize luxury sedan, which also has claim rates more than five times the average.

HLDI said almost all of the 20 models atop the list are either ones with big engines, luxury vehicles or pickup trucks.

One vehicle that normally appears prominently on the most-stolen list is the Cadillac Escalade, but it's missing from this year's top 20. HLDI said the addition of other large luxury SUVs to the market is one reason. Another is that Cadillac has added numerous security features in recent model years.

There is another surprise. Atop the list of vehicles that received the lowest rate of theft insurance claims is the BMW 3 series midsize luxury sedan. The agency admitted that result was "puzzling."

It was followed by the Tesla Model S 4WD luxury car and the Tesla Model X 4WD luxury SUV. HDLI suggests that's because Teslas are electric vehicles. They are usually parked in garages or close to a house to be plugged in.

Here are the top 20 vehicles for whole-vehicle theft insurance claim frequency (model years 2016-18)

  1. Dodge Charger HEMI
  2. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  3. Infiniti Q50 4-door
  4. Infiniti QX80
  5. GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab
  6. Dodge Challenger
  7. Nissan Maxima
  8. Chevrolet Silverado
  9. Chrysler 300 4WD
  10. Mercedes-Benz S-Class 4-door long-wheelbase 4WD    
  11. Dodge Charger 4WD
  12. Dodge Durango 4WD
  13. Land Rover Range Rover
  14. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab 4WD
  15. Dodge Charger
  16. Nissan Titan crew cab short bed
  17. Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  18. GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab 4WD
  19. Audi A7 4WD
  20. Infiniti QX80 4WD

Here are the 20 vehicles with the lowest claim frequency.

  1. BMW 3-series 4-door
  2. Tesla Model S 4WD
  3. Tesla Model X 4WD
  4. Chevrolet Equinox 4WD
  5. Buick Encore 4WD
  6. Subaru Legacy with EyeSight
  7. GMC Acadia
  8. Subaru Forester with EyeSight
  9. GMC Acadia 4WD
  10. Volkswagen New Beetl
  11. BMW 3 series 4-door 4WD
  12. Subaru Outback with EyeSight
  13. BMW X5
  14. Subaru Crosstrek
  15. Chevrolet Traverse
  16. Subaru Crosstrek with EyeSight
  17. Lexus RX 450h 4WD
  18. Honda Odyssey
  19. Mazda MX-5 Miata
  20. Cadillac XT5

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