The new XFL is under way in the latest attempt to bring more professional football to the U.S. Vince McMahon's latest venture kicked off with a game between the D.C. Defenders and Seattle Dragons. 

The XFL is hoping to capture the attention of hardcore football fans in the aftermath of the Super Bowl and the end of the NFL season. Games don't feature a coin toss and are full of changes like one-, two- and three-point conversions replacing extra point kicks and the chance for two forward passes on the same play. 

The league says it'll be patient in the aftermath of the Alliance of American Football failing in the midst of its first season.

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XFL chief operating officer Jeffrey Pollack was quoted in the Associated Press saying, “Our expectation for this first season is for football fans to simply give us a look, give us a chance, sample us.” Pollack said, “We understand that fandom is earned. It’s not given. ... We think that if you love football, you’re going to love the XFL."

Cars were reportedly lining up to enter parking lots.