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New 'Avengers: Endgame' posters show surprise casualty of 'Infinity War'

The individual character posters show us who is alive and who didn't survive -- including those whose fate we didn't know about.

Marvel dropped a series of individual character posters on Tuesday, one month before the premiere of "Avengers: Endgame." What's significant about them is that they show us who did and did not survive last year's "Infinity War" -- whether or not you saw them disintegrate on the screen when Thanos snapped his fingers.

The posters show a facial profile of each character either in color (alive) or black and white (dead).

If you saw "Infinity War," you already know who you saw turn to dust. But what about those characters whose fate was unknown? Here's a quick look at the off-screen survivors and at least one who perished that caught some people off guard.

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Thor's unexpected sidekick in "Thor: Ragnarok." We did not see what happened to her at the beginning of "Infinity War" when Thanos destroyed the Asgardian refugee ship and killed many of its passengers. Perhaps some of them had been off-loaded before Thanos arrived. Perhaps, as he had done across the universe, Thanos spared half of those on board and she was among them. Regardless, the implication is that she is alive.


While you didn't see him in "Infinity War," he's all over the trailers for "Endgame," so that's a no-brainer.

Pepper Potts

Tony Stark's significant other. Last we heard from her, she was demanding Tony get off the spaceship that was taking him to Titan where he would eventually face Thanos.

Happy Hogan

Tony and Pepper's longtime bodyguard/chief of security. Also a not-so-enthusiastic contact for Peter Parker's Spider-Man.


We last saw him in the streets of New York City, heading back to protect the New York sanctum after Doctor Strange was abducted.



This is why you stick around for the credits of ALL the Marvel movies. Ant-Man's girlfriend and superhero partner was dusted in the post-credits scene of "Ant-Man and The Wasp" which came out two months after "Infinity War."


This shocked a lot of fans on social media. The sister of Wakanda's Black Panther was last seen trying to get the Mind Stone out of Vision's head, but she was interrupted by Thanos' goons.

Here's what we don't know -- was she killed in a fight or was she turned to dust? Regardless, the implication here is that she didn't make it.

When it was realized Shuri was gone, some people on Twitter just couldn't even.

Take a look at all the posters Marvel released here.