HYATTSVILLE, Md. — A Maryland woman continues to fight for more details surrounding the mysterious nature of her mother's death.

Randi Stacey Boothe-Wilson, a former marine, went missing from her New York state home in 1994.

That same year, the Jacksonville Police Department (JPD), of North Carolina, opened an investigation to identify skeletal remains that were found in a wooded area of that coastal town.

On Tuesday, JPD announced the remains it found actually belonged to Boothe-Wilson.

“We would like to thank the JPD detectives who worked this case over 23 years, seeking resolution, never giving up,” said JPD Police Chief Mike Yaniero in a statement.

Leslye Wilson, of Hyattsville, Maryland, is Boothe-Wilson's daughter.

She said her family had lived in the Camp Lejeune area of Jacksonville before moving to New York. However, she said she was curious as to why her mother was ultimately found there.

"I mean I definitely would like to have some answers," Wilson said. "You know, I have a ton of questions, like 'what happened' and 'why Jacksonville?'"
JPD determined the skeletal remains belonged to Boothe-Wilson thanks to advances in science and technology. Yaniero said Boothe-Wilson's remains were positively determined through a national DNA database for missing persons' cases.

Investigators added they are still unsure as to what caused Boothe-Wilson's death.

"Perhaps there is someone in the Jacksonville or the military community that knew Stacey Boothe-Wilson or have some information about her ties to Jacksonville," Yaniero said. "Even the smallest bit of information may be of value to the detectives working on this case."

Wilson said it would be great to have "complete closure" to her mother's case.

"We've been without her for a little over 20 years," she said. "I mean just getting this news, it just makes it so real. We're coping all over again."

Anyone with information about Stacey Boothe-Wilson is asked to contact JPD at 910-938-6520 or the local North Carolina Crime Stoppers unit at 910-938-3273.