Hillary Clinton is eager to win back young voters who have been deserting her in droves over the last month.

Did she convince them in the debate?

Many of the younger voters we talked to in this admittedly Democratic city are still not fired up about Hillary Clinton. But after the debate, many of them said they're even more alarmed by Donald Trump.

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“I thought he was going to blow,” said Coree Cuff, who was grabbing lunch at the food trucks on Farragut Square. “I had a bet going. How long was it going to take.”

“It was a lot of shouting,” said Ben Cathers, 32, a software salesman. “It was one person really prepared. And one person really freestyling it.”

Many young voters said before the debate said they were already turned off by Trump being Trump.

“Personally, I just can't believe we even have presidential contender who says women look better on their knees,” said Laura Zell, 25, a lawyer from D.C.

The Republican nominee is now suggesting he'll be even tougher in the next debate. He says he held off on slamming Hillary with her husband's infidelities because Chelsea Clinton was in the room. But many millennials say they're tired of the insults.

“I thought he was blustering. He couldn't put two sentences together. It scares me a lot to think what he would be like as President,” said Samantha Fien-Helfman, 29, who works in international development.

“I thought Trump was calm at the beginning, and then came off the rails,” said Kipp Lanham, 36.

But to win, Hillary Clinton is likely to need to rack up large margins with younger voters. And several polls suggest her support likely voters 18 to 34 has precipitously in the last month.

“There was nothing where I said, ‘Yep, that's great, I really want to rally behind you!’” said Cathers.

The Clinton Campaign is already up with a web ad slamming Trump's treatment of a former Miss Universe the year he took over the pageant.

“He’d say ‘Hello Ms Piggy. Hello Ms Housekeeping.’” Alicia Machado said in the ad.

Clinton confronted Trump with the allegations at the debate, and the ad has him saying on tape from the time, “She went up to 160, 170 pounds, so this is someone who really likes to eat.”

Clinton is hoping it’s a moment women and young people will remember. “Unbelievable!’ said Cathers.

Trump today doubled down on his criticism of the former Miss Universe. He told Fox News her weight was a real problem.

Trump also said on Fox that debate moderator Lester Holt asked unfair questions. And he suggested something was wrong with his microphone. He said both that it both picked up something that sounded like sniffles and at the same time made his voice too weak.