WASHINGTON — In 1994, Amazon was a fledgling startup in a garage in suburban Seattle founded by hedge fund executive who wanted to get out of New York. Twenty-five years later, it's the most valuable public company in the world -- one of the so-called Four Horsemen of tech -- and the face of Seattle has been changed forever.

WUSA9 asked nine Seattleites -- artists, business leaders and educators -- to tell us about Amazon's effect on their city. Their answers offer a window into what the D.C. area can expect when Amazon's HQ2 arrives in Northern Virginia.

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Amazon Effect Panel
Nine Seattleites weigh in on Amazon's effect on the city.
Jordan Fischer

Watch the videos below to see each panel member's answer.

Q1: Has Amazon been good for Seattle?

Q2: What's the best effect Amazon has had on Seattle?

Q3: What's the worst effect Amazon has had on Seattle?

Q4: What's the one thing you wish you knew about Amazon 10 years ago?

Q5: What advice would you give Washington, DC about Amazon moving in?


WUSA9 digital investigative reporter Jordan Fischer contributed to this story.