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'We can overcome our struggles no matter what' | Formerly homeless man gives back through non-profit clothing line

The fashion line donates one-third of its proceeds to DC charities.

WASHINGTON -- A formerly homeless man is hoping to inspire, educate and give back through his fashion line: Lionel Minor. The clothing line tells a story of losing it all, and having the courage and faith to take it back. 

"I built this from scratch to educate and let people know we can overcome our struggles no matter what," Kevin Minor said.

Minor was homeless spending nearly a year staying in random apartment buildings in Southeast, D.C. back in 2011.  

"I just saw myself not really doing nothing because I was just out there 'B.S-ing,' excuse my language, just out there not doing nothing with myself or my time," he said. "If would have stayed out there I feel like I would've been dead because of the stuff I was doing so I had to get away start fresh start clean." 

Minor moved to Montgomery County, still homeless but with a plan.   

"I would sleep in the woods and I did that for several months then I got a job and rented out a room … I never looked back," he said with a smile.  

That’s when he met his business partner Jasmine Calhoun, and their dreams started to take shape.  

"Take a step back realize what situation you're in, how you got there and understand you can get out, but you have to be motivated for yourself," Calhoun said.

Now this team hopes to inspire, educate and give back through the clothing line that is about more than looking good on the outside.

"We're all destined to become great and successful we all have it in us, it's just a matter of staying humble and applying ourselves and knowing our worth," Minor said.