WASHINGTON — Chaos has found a new home in Richmond and in the Virginia Democratic party.

The liberal side of the aisle in the Commonwealth has been rocked by three political scandals involving its top leaders in less than one week.

The developments come after a year of relative success for the party.

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Not only did Governor Ralph Northam and Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax easily hold off their Republican challengers heading into 2018, but the Democrats were able to come within one seat of splitting the Commonwealth's House of Delegates.

National outlets predicted the election results as an indicator of a potential "blue wave" during the 2018 midterms.

However, while the scandals have rocked the Virginia Democratic party, its members on the grassroots level remain enthusiastic.

Close to 100 people packed a school auditorium on Wednesday night to attend the Arlington Democrats' monthly meeting.

Chair Jill Caiazzo kicked off the event by acknowledging the recent news out of Richmond.

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"There is no denying that Virginia Democrats have faced serious problems this week," she said.

But, Caiazzo quickly followed up with the audience by declaring they could still make an impact.

"We may not be able to affect the outcomes of the dramas unfolding in Richmond, but we can have an impact in our communities," she said.

Fellow Arlington County Democrat Kim Phillip agreed.

"The everyday volunteers and people who are involved politically set the example for what they want the party to be," she said.

Later in the meeting, the group then discussed ways it could help Virginia Democrats win the House of Delegates and Senate in the next election.