STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — A blind wrestler placed second in a county competition despite the obstacles that are against him.

It is a tough sport that takes intense conditioning and training. Most of all though, it takes dedication and a true love for the sport.

"It's a one on one match for six minutes and you have to give everything you got," said James Carter, wrestling coach at T. Benton Gayle Middle School.

Two of his athletes are brothers. Jahmil and Khalis Garrett-Bey. In his first season, younger brother Jahmil lost just one match and placed second in counties.

"Watching him will blow your mind. It's exciting to watch and see him," said Carter.

Second place was a huge accomplishment. But it was even more special for Jahmil because he was born blind. He relies on his senses to get him through each match.

"I didn't think it was going to be possible because I doubted myself at first," said Jahmil.

Jahmil has overcome most of the challenges that come along with being blind. He credits that to the help of others who have supported him.

"Even if you have a disability, you can do anything you put your mind to," said Jahmil.

Next year Jahmil hopes to take home that first place title at counties. Meanwhile, his brother will be moving on to high school.