PETERSBURG, Va. --- Virginia State University freshman, Brianna Bundick-Kelly, also known as “Briyonce” is going viral on social media for her rendition of Beyoncé’s Coachella performance. She has gotten over five million views and over 386,000 likes on Twitter.

“Briyonce” has earned her title as one of Beyoncé’s biggest fans!

Budnick-Kelly is a computer science major with a passion for dance, performance and of course, all things Beyoncé. She started dancing when she was eight years old in her home state of Alaska. When she got to Virginia State University, she stopped. Unfortunately, freshmen are not allowed to join any dance organizations until their sophomore year.

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Two days after Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California, she flawlessly learned Beyoncé’s choreography at her dorm in just 40 minutes.

Brianna tweeted on April 18th, “If you thought I was about to sit here, learn choreo & dance like I’m one of Beyoncé's backup dancers... YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! #Beychella.”

“I wasn’t actually happy with the video,” says Brianna. “But I posted it anyway… I thought no one’s going to like it…but I was wrong, everyone likes it!”

Ellen DeGeneres found her video online and invited her to perform on her show.

When asked how she is dealing with her newfound fame, Brianna said, “My dad and my mom taught me how to be humble and not to get too big-headed.”

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Ultimately, she wants to be a tour dancer for Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, and Rhianna. Currently, she wants to get in to teaching her own choreography. She tried her hand at teaching me a snippet of the Beyoncé choreography and it would have taken me well over 40 minutes to learn the whole thing.