AMISSVILLE, Va. (WUSA9) -- For those who farm for a living, a late summer drought can mean a poor harvest. But it's the opposite for wineries in Virginia, who are loving this dry weather.   

"It's been a wonderful year. We had the early spring rains that got the grapes off to a great start," Cheryl Kellert, owner of Grey Ghost Vineyards, said. 

And then, more importantly, the rains stopped, which is key for wine grapes. The fruit may look small, but they're big where it counts. 

"They are small, but that means the sugars are going to be concentrated, the flavors are going to be concentrated because we had the nice hot dry summer," Kellert said.

Al Kellert, who is also an owner at Grey Ghost, already has many barrels of this season's grapes fermenting

"Right now, fermentation is already taking place on the Savals which we harvested two weeks ago," Al Kellert said. "We're looking for quality, not quantity. The smaller the grape gives us a very high-quality wine with great flavors."

And while the yeast does its job, the Kellerts will be plenty busy, too.

"The next few weekends it's a sure bet you can see harvesting, the processing going on, and we invite people back to the crushing pad and even let them taste the juices pressed from the fruit, which is really neat,"  Cheryl Kellert sad.

Gray Ghost expects to produce around 4,000 cases, which is nearly 50,000 bottles, of wine this season. The 2015 vintages will become available starting early next spring.

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