FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WUSA9) — Aalayah Eastmond survived the Stoneman Douglas school shooting. The junior traveled from Florida to DC to join protestors Saturday.

"I was in the third classroom shot into by Nikolas Cruz at Stoneman Douglas and two of my classmates passed away. I hide underneath a body to stay alive."

She's fighting for tougher gun control along with all the other protestors. Most of them students.

"I'm here because things need to change and I don't want to be worried going to school everyday to know if I will live or not," said 5th grader, Lili O'Neil.

"We shouldn't be here because by now this problem should of been resolved because it's trauma fixing to here and see that children being killed by AR15's we don't need," said Elisabeth Peyton, another 5th grader.

The protestors made their demands known outside the NRA headquarters in Fairfax County.

Matt Post, Montgomery County Students for Gun Control said, "We want to see a ban on high capacity magazines and semi automatic rifles we want to dramatically expand our background check system in this country and we want to have real substantial investments in our mental health supports."

We reached out to the NRA for their response, but so far, have not heard back.