At Hartwood Elementary in Stafford County, 4th and 5th grade boys are learning valuable lessons in life. Scott Elchenko is the school's principal. He's also the teacher of a new program called "Boys in Blazers."

"We hear kids coming to school and they're disrespectful, they're talking back and we're teaching our boys that's not okay," he said.

That's how the etiquette program was born. The blazers were a special touch, because being respectful is important, but you have to look the part, too.

The class covers basic manners and also pushes the young boys to be good people.

"I feel like it makes people think I have respect for them and that makes them have respect for me," said Ryland Griffin, a 4th grader.

Every few weeks a new group will move through the program.

"We hope the kids walk away with a toolkit of manners and ways to go about carrying themselves," said Elchenko.

Up until this point, the boys have been sharing blazers, but thanks to an anonymous $4,000 donation, each boy will be able to have his own blazer.