Diamond the Shih Tzu is recovering after a pit bull attack that left her with puncture wounds all over her body.

The dogs that allegedly attacked her are now back out walking her Stafford, Va. neighborhood, and her owner is pleading with county officials to do something.

“She's scared of outside,” said Solange Johnjules. “She will stand here and look there and bark.”

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The attack by three apparent pit bulls happened just outside Diamond’s front door, and it left her with stitches, staples and drains in multiple bite wounds all over her torso.

“I don't know where the pit bulls came from,” said Johnjules, a disabled school teacher. “Three were jumping on me, I picked her up and they were biting her legs…. I was very scared. I cried and screamed for help. Finally, I went in the house. And one of them came in the house. Diamond ran and hid in her cage, we call it her house. I screamed, and the dog finally ran out.”

There was no answer at the pit bulls’ owner’s home.

County officials did order the dog’s owner to quarantine them for ten days for signs of rabies after the December 8th attack. But neighbors say the dogs have been out repeatedly during the quarantine period.

County animal control officials say they told Johnjules she could file a complaint and have a judge determine if the dogs are dangerous or vicious. But at the time of the attack, she says she was too shaken to do that. “I think I am going to press charges now,” said Johnjules.

She's convinced the pit bulls will attack again if someone doesn't stop them.

County officials say the owner told them a family member had been taking care of the dogs and didn't realize how quickly they could get away. They say all three of the dogs had county tags and are current on vaccinations. Until Johnjules files a legal complaint, they say there is little else they can do.