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Leesburg police investigate alleged incident involving members of Tuscarora HS football team

A Tuscarora football player was allegedly sexually assault by another player while other players held him down.

LEESBURG, VA -- Leesburg police are investigating an alleged incident at Tuscarora High School that involves members of the football team.

It reportedly happened in the boy's locker room on October 1st. The Loudoun-Times Mirror reports that a football player was sexually assault by another player while other players held him down.

Leesburg police are not saying whether or not it was a sexual assault. They call it an incident, which they are investigating.

A Tuscarora football player who knows the people involved spoke to WUSA9. He said the victim was very upset and told many people about the incident, which apparently happened last Monday, on October 1st.

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The player said that the boys who held the boy down did not realize what the other boy was about to do.

"There's a lot of play-fighting and I think they thought the guy was just playing around," he said.

WUSA9 is not naming the student who talked with us to protect him from any repercussions.

Tuscarora parent Samantha Tunador has a daughter at the school and reflected on the investigation.

"It's awful. That anything like this would happen to anybody. An assault on anyone should immediately be reported. We should feel confident we can report an assault, no matter what the situation is. Whether it's high school, college, all those things we worry about now," Tunador said. "I hope that everyone's treated fairly."

Loudoun County Public Schools said LCPS became aware of the alleged incident on Friday. In a statement the school system said it is "cooperating with Leesburg Police to investigate an alleged incident involving members of the Tuscarora High School football team."

Police said that they've only interviewed a few students, so they are still in the beginning stages of the investigation.

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