City council is looking for public comments on two options for the future of the slave auction block, located in downtown Fredericksburg.

Some people are pushing for the removal of the small historic site.

"Its gut wrenching to look at. We all know we're derived from slavery. We don't need to be reminded of that struggle," said Mina White.

Others say it's an important reminder of history.

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"It's a reminder that slavery occurred here and we don't want slavery again," said Linden White.

A small plaque in front of the block reads "Fredericksburg's Principal Auction Site in Pre-Civil War Days for Slaves and Property."

City council will hold a public forum September 23rd. These are the two options on the table:

Option A would keep the slave auction block in its current location, but use the existing area to place the artifact in context. This option would bring panels, protective measures and a better pedestrian flow.

Option B would replace the auction block with a historic marker and directions to its new location, which would likely be in the Fredericksburg Area Museum.

The public forum will take place at James Monroe High School located at 2300 Washington Avenue and will begin at 8:30 a.m.