A Northern Virginia couple always knew they wanted to have a lot of children, but they could have never predicted just exactly how it would eventually happen.

Jessica Abboud and Jonathan Redden, of Stephenson, Virginia, married in 2003. Two years later, they had a set of triplet boys.

"We were lucky," Abboud said.

But, their luck would not stop there.

“Within a year and a month later, we had twin (girls),” Redden said.

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In about a year, their house was full with five children who were roughly all the same age.

Life would present another challenge a few years later when Jessica and Jonathan would file for divorce. However, despite the split, their family was still growing.

Jessica would meet another man named Matthew Abboud and together they would have another boy. Their newest addition would result in Jessica having a "3-2-1", a set of triplets, a set of twins and a singleton.

Jonathan would also marry another Jessica (Redden) and it turned out she had a daughter of her own too. The two households ultimately found themselves with seven children.

"I was like I always wanted a lot of kids," said Jessica Redden.

Jessica Abboud and Jonathan Redden made the decision early on to co-parent their children despite being in different households. Both couples only live a mile away from one another.

"One week they're with us," said Jonathan Redden. "And the next week, they're with their mother."

The couples have tried to make things as normal for their children as possible. They have even gone on family vacations together.

However, the situation still presents its challenges.

"The medical bills, the food bills, the gas costs, we have kids that are in sports that are just so stinking expensive and then you multiply it by 7," said Jessica Abboud.

Despite that obstacle, she told WUSA9 she would not trade her life for anything.

"I can't tell you how many times over the years, people have said to us, 'Better you than me.'," Jessica Abboud said. "You just go, 'It is better me than you.'"