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VIDEO: Dog missing for 7 years reunited with his family in Virginia

The Spotsylvania Animal Shelter says Starsky and his brother Hutch went missing in Fauquier County.

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. — A joyous reunion happened this week at the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter. After seven years, Starsky the pup was reunited with his family and there was no shortage of tears or sloppy dog kisses.

Seven years ago, Starsky and his brother Hutch went missing in Fauquier County, Virginia.

This week, Starsky was found in Spotsylvania, according to the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter, and was brought in to their shelter. As they examined the pup, they discovered he had a microchip and were able to contact his family,

The shelter posted on Facebook that his family had assumed the worst.

Seven years ago, Starsky and his brother went missing from Fauquier. Yesterday, Starsky was found in Spotsylvania and brought to our shelter, and because of a microchip, we were able to contact his family who had long ago assumed he had passed away. So many happy tears, and a little bit of renewed hope that maybe one day Hutch will find his way back home as well. This is why we preach about micro chipping, and never to give up hope. We are so thrilled that his family has been reunited and that we were able to play a small part in that.

They posted a picture and also a video of the tearful reunion between Starsky and his fur Mom on Facebook.

His owner stressed that this is why it's so important to microchip your animals.

Credit: Family
Starsky (right), Hutch (left)

The family is still holding out hope that Starsky's brother Hutch will also return home. Both dogs went missing from Fauquier County.

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