Not every office building parking garage is the same.

One such garage in Crystal City plays host to competitive bicycling races.

The Crystal City Business Improvement District helped organize the "Crosshairs Garage Races" roughly 5 years ago. The event, which is now held in the garage of 201 12 St. S., in Arlington, invites cyclists of all different skillsets to ride its underground course.

Robert Mandle, Chief Operating Officer of the Crystal City BID, said the event provided the city an opportunity to make use of some unused parking spots.

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"We thought, 'why not turn it into something cool?," he said.

Mandle added the event only helps to raise the community's profile.

"When you have creative, unique events, it really makes people feel connected to a place," he said.

The races will run each Wednesday through April 4th. If you'd like to learn more about how to get involved, click here.